Spotlighting Yourself

What is your uniqueness?
I think every person has something special.
This is very important.

When you find out your nature,
I think you’ll get going toward your dream with confidence.
If you focus on your virtue, you would be so attractive.
It’s not only a human being but also a company, a product,
and some local area would be the same.

On the other hand,
it’s not easy to express yourself in one word,
so I would work together and help you to visualize your idea
in order to communicate with others.

Interviewing carefully and drawing out what you have in mind,
I’d like to propose a unique plan for you.
That is my job.



Art director, Graphic designer

Grew up in Yokohama
2005 graduated from Tama Art University
Majoring in Information design
After working at two different designing offices,
I started as a freelance designer in 2012.
Logo, branding, advertisement, web, illustration and so on

2013-2016 unit ”KINOSHITA” a group of five women
Selling original calendars to make donations for Tohoku area.

After giving birth, expanded the work to local area’s festivals
and products in Komae city

I love outdoor activities such as camping,
organic products, a band member,
watching overseas TV dramas.

Photography by Shino Chikura